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Overwhelmed by Lockdown?

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed.

Today I was going to write a post about baby sensory stuff.

I had it all planned out in my head. The structure, the research, the timing.

And then we had the most horrendous night with our littlest one. Again.

Teething’s a pain. In more ways than one.

No-one slept, not even the 4 yr old.

So my post about baby sensory has been shelved for now. Fatigue has taken my brain power. Instead I’m focusing on parental wellbeing. The sanity of you and I – who can’t get a day off, or a break, because we are parents for life.

When the whirlwind of family life gets too much, it feels overwhelming. We often lose the self-care stuff. It gets sidelined, then we wonder why we’re not coping.

Especially during this pandemic, when we’re stuck on a relentless hamster wheel of constant, simultaneous work and parenting, often doing neither very well. And we push ourselves to do it all, because we’re good parents.

However, if we don’t look after ourselves, we won’t be good parents, because there will be nothing left to give. We’re at risk of burnout. Like a drained battery.

So I’ve rounded up some ways that we can restore balance in our lives. To look after ourselves. Because we’re not just parents, we’re people.

You Deserve a Good Pampering

Are you a bath lover? I have to say I’m not. I get twitchy after about 5 minutes! But for some people, the ultimate in relaxation is an hour’s soak with bath bombs and candles. If this is you – make the time, jump on in and enjoy!

However, a long, hot soak is not the only way to pamper yourself. Personally, I like face masks, painting my toenails and treating my hair to an intensive conditioner. That’s just me.

Whatever your favourite pampering activity, it’s not the act itself that’s important, but how it makes us feel. Taking the time to nurture our bodies has huge benefits, and makes us feel so much better about ourselves.

After all, our bodies carry us through life, so it’s nice to give them a little something in return.

Creativity can help us re-discover our identity

Whether it’s baking, making or painting by numbers, when we do creative activities, we become absorbed by what we are doing, and it takes us away from the stresses of life.

It also reminds us who we are beyond parenthood. When we get lost in the grind of work and parenting, it’s important we remind ourselves how much we enjoy being creative and make a special effort.

One of the reasons my husband and I first got together was our shared love of making music (NOT a euphemism!). We whiled away long evenings singing and playing guitar. Sometimes we forget how much we enjoy it. Easily done, but it’s so important to who we are as people.

Whatever your creative outlet, don’t lose it. It’s cathartic, restorative and will give you an instant lift.

Exercise gives us a boost

During Lockdown, those of us who preferred taking classes for more sociable forms of exercise, have had to learn to go solo. Lone pursuits like running and cycling have shot up in popularity over the past few months, for obvious reasons.

For many parents who nip out in the early hours to pound the pavements before the kids are up, exercise has been a Lockdown sanity saver. It brings a little alone time, and a rush of endorphins that can just give you enough of an edge to get through the day.

Which reminds me, my pelvic floor still needs work!

Escapism – just let loose

Don’t you just need total escapism sometimes? I’m such a fan of reality tv. It sucks me in and I feel compelled to watch. It’s funny, entertaining, appalling, and fab. Pure silliness. I know other people who play Animal Crossing, do TikTok dances or read bonkbuster novels. Don’t be ashamed! We all do it. Whatever floats your boat!

Speaking of boats, I recently discovered Below Deck on Netflix. I binge-watched the whole first series by staying up FAR later than was sensible. It was fabulously trashy. Although it’s probably not on the official list of recommended tips for psychological wellbeing. But hey – it works for me. Sometimes we need taking out of our ourselves- and being whisked off to a luxury yacht is just the ticket. Chin chin, darling 😉

Lockdown has been tough on us all. And millions of parents have been total heroes for juggling their work, childcare and homeschooling duties for months on end.

We’ve handled this crazy time in the best way we can. We’re amazing! So we deserve to be looked after too x

How have you coped with Lockdown? Let me know in the comments below 👇

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33 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by Lockdown?

    1. Running is tough on the joints isn’t it. I used to love it, but my knees didn’t so I had to stop! I prefer swimming now, but it’s not an option either is it 😂

  1. Yes this was me about a month ago! Exercise,yoga and meditation really help but in the end I also started having therapy because I realise that lockdown brought up a heck of a lot of anxiety in me!

  2. I’ve been trying to get out for walks on my own. It’s the only time I can escape my 3 kids and have time to myself. It’s nice tt clear your mind and get away from the constant mummy, mummy, mummy!!!!!!

  3. Lol, right now I’m a little overwhelmed from all the posts of people feeling overwhelmed. All I can say is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep up the social distancing and WEAR A MASK. Other than that, I agree with everything above. I do pamper myself with a really face mask, take daily walks or practice yoga and meditate daily while enjoying some good music and my essential oils.

  4. Seriously it’s overwhelming for me too here struck in the lock down. Just glad that my family helps me in chores.

  5. This phase is really annoying, my 1 n half year toddler is constantly demanding attention.
    Luckily i have a parrot to give him company , but have to keep an eye I am afraid if my baby will squeeze the parrot.

  6. I’m not yet a mother but I’ve definitely been overwhelmed by lockdown. Exercise has helped me a lot.

  7. It has been a challenging time for everyone and people have really been pushed that is for sure. But at least there is hope x

  8. My oldest daughter and I have been walking a lot and we also swim regularly we got a pool this summer. I have to say I am seriously over this whole crazy virus and just want normalcy….. period 🙂

    1. Oh I have serious pool envy! I’ve been in the sea a few times but it’s not as easy as popping to the local leisure centre. Can’t wait to get back to normal too.

  9. No lies were told in this post! Exercising, Escapism and being creative have all been huge help to me during this lockdown time, especially with more family members around than I was ever accustomed to.

  10. Great tips for those feeling overwhelmed and stressed with all the uncertainty in our lives right now. Thank goodness for at home workouts…they really have been helping me so much!

  11. Great solid tips. If it wasent for yoga and dance I would have gone insain in the lock down. Thank god it only lasted 40 days here.

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