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Lazy Mum blog – the parenting life raft!

Hi I’m Catherine and I’m a lazy mum.

Step aboard my parenting life raft!

Lazy mum parenting blog paddling life raft with oar

It’s all a bit overwhelming isn’t it – family life, home life, work. And honestly, sometimes it gets a bit much and I hide under the duvet.

Often, I call myself lazy when really I’m just knackered and burnt out. Do you do that too? We’re hard on ourselves, us parents, aren’t we.

But what can we do?

Well, I created this blog.

Because I want to share with you my attempts to navigate the challenges of life with two small children, a husband and a business and the solutions I find along the way.

Because I figure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Right?

So here we go:

I’m on a mission to help make parenting as easy and stress-free as possible. Family life can be overwhelming, so I want to share hacks, shortcuts and ideas that make life with little ones not only bearable but enjoyable.

Frankly, I’ve always been baffled how other people manage to juggle families, relationships, work, diet, exercise, housework, finances and hobbies. And I’m in awe of people who manage to keep all those balls in the air at once.

People who, in public and on social media, seem to have everything sorted AND be having fun family time too. By comparison I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, depressed and demotivated. How do they do it?

Then I made a miraculous discovery…

To my surprise, I found out that most people havenโ€™t actually got control of every aspect of their lives. Most people are just doing enough to get by.

So, the most important thing I want to share with you is that you DON’T NEED TO BE PERFECT all of the time. It is possible to do just enough to keep all of those important areas of life ticking over and still have time for fun and relaxation.

This blog is about finding ways to keep just enough of a grip on everything to prevent burnout, and keep mental health problems at bay. I want to help parents live easier, more chilled out, positive lives.

You only get one shot at life, why not make it easy and fun!

Follow me on social media for more hacks and ideas. Let me know your family trials and tribulations in the comments below ๐Ÿ‘‡. And your best hacks to cope with it all!

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