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How to thank a teacher

I’m sure we have all benefitted from a memorable teacher in our lives. The one we had a special connection with, the one who was particularly inspirational, or the one who noticed us hiding in the corner and built our confidence.

But did we let them know the impact they had on us?

As a former teacher, I understand how the job can sometimes feel like a thankless task. Teachers work incredibly hard to be accountable to students, parents and management. They often go above and beyond, using their own money to buy resources, working longer hours than they are contracted to, using their evenings, weekends and holidays to provide extra-curricular activities.

And during the Covid-19 crisis, teachers have risen to the challenge like never before. Not only finding resourceful ways to deliver remote learning in record-quick time, but also looking out for the wellbeing of millions of vulnerable families and children who rely on schools for practical and social support.

So nothing feels better to a teacher than recognition and thanks for all they do. But what’s the best way to thank a teacher?

Well. I could write a list of stuff to buy. And obviously everyone likes wine, chocolates and cakes.

But it would be missing the point.

I mean they are nice to have, but receiving a genuine “thank you” means so much more. It means the effort was noticed and appreciated. And that will lift a teacher like nothing else, especially if they are struggling, maybe even weighing up whether to stay in the profession.

It sounds simple, but a heartfelt, handwritten card is the most special gift a teacher can receive. A true recognition of their efforts, which they can keep and cherish for their whole career. I used to keep mine in a special folder, and I still look back on them now. They hold precious memories of lives I positively influenced. And they mean far more than a bottle of plonk ever could.

Or maybe get both 😉

And while we’re at it, let’s hear it for the teaching assistants, support staff, childminders, nursery staff and carers. You are amazing. We see you and we thank you ❤️

If you’re a teacher, what have been your most memorable gifts? And parents – what goes down well with your children’s teachers? Let me know in the comments below 👇

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