Lazy Mum

About Lazy Mum

Hi, welcome to my site. My name’s Catherine, I’m a mum to two little monkeys and wife to a paramedic. I’m also a former English teacher and now try to scrape a living writing! I work as a freelance copywriter and run the Lazy Mum blog.

From my base on the UK’s sunny South Coast, I try to navigate my way through the trials and pitfalls of running a family, home and business. And it’s blimmin hard work, isn’t it!

It’s always been a bit baffling to me how people manage to successfully juggle families, relationships, work, diet, exercise, housework, finances and hobbies. I’ve never been able to get the hang of all of them at once. I used to think everyone else had it sorted and it was just me who struggled. How did they do it?

Then I made a discovery. Most people haven’t actually got control of every aspect of their lives. Most people are just doing enough to get by.

It was a revelation. I didn’t need to be perfect, I just needed to be good enough.

This blog is about finding ways to keep just enough of a grip on everything to prevent burnout, and keep mental health problems at bay. Helping parents to live easier, more chilled out, positive lives.

You only get one shot at life, why not make it easy and fun!

Want to work with me? Contact me here I can’t wait to hear from you!